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Everything you need for beautiful, hands, natural nails, and feet.  I care about giving you the very best service and treatment and so all products used are of the highest quality. Full consultations are given before the treatment starts. Bespoke after care advice is given tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. Support is provided between appointments.

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Gel polish 

With over 100 stunning colours to choose from there is something to suit every taste. I use the brand Nailchemy which is a British professional use only brand. My clients get chip free gel polish for up to 3 weeks. My Gel polish service is not just application,but also includes cuticle work, nail shaping/tidy and removal on your next visit.


All treatments can be adapted to your nail type, so if you need extra strength you can add builder gel, fibre gel or ibx to your gel polish service for the best results for you (see extras for prices).  Don't worry if you don't know which will be best suited for your nails I do a full consultation before treatment begins or you can message me before hand and we can work out the best treatment for you. 

Gel polish fingers or toes              £30

Gel polish fingers and toes           £55


Pedicures not only give the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing pamper but also help to improve the look and feel of your feet.

I specialise in elim pedicures which are luxury medical grade products, and have a retail range for your aftercare to keep your feet in tip top condition between treatments.

I offer three types of pedicure to insure you get the best treatment for you, gel polish on toenails can be added to any of these treatments for  just £15. All pedicures include a full consultation before hand and aftercare advice.


All pedicures can be adjusted to individual needs and if you are not sure which is the best treatment option for you please get in touch.

Express pedicure £25

The express pedicure is for those of you who want a quick removal of hard skin, it includes a medical grade peel, cuticle work and toenail trim/tidy, and foot perfector moisturiser. Ideal for those on the go!

Spa pedicure £45

The spa pedicure is a delight, perfect for those of you who want to pamper your feet. It includes cuticle work, toenail trim/tidy, foot peel, exfoliator, nourishing mud mask, heated boots, foot soak, moisturiser and gold spritz. Leaving you feeling relaxed and your feet looking and feeling brand new!

Luxury pedicure £60

For those of you with tired, aching, or sore/painful feet or just wanting that extra pamper this is the pedicure for you!  It is the same as the spa pedicure (see above) but includes a 30 minute relaxing foot and leg massage. This is not only great for relieving aches and pains but improves circulation and feels amazing! 

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Manicures improve the look and feel of your hands creating the perfect back drop for beautiful nails. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands this can lead to sore hands or even cracks. An elim medihand manicure at Nativis Nails brightens the skin, improves circulation in the hands, gently exfoliates, and adds nutrients and vital moisture back into the skin.   Add gel polish to your manicure for £15.

Luxury medihand manicure £40

This relaxing manicure is the perfect treat for hardworking hands. It includes cuticle work, nail plate cleanser, nail trim/shape, thermal exfoliant, mud mask, heated mits, luxury soak, deep moisturiser, and gold spriz spray. 

Hand and forearm massage £15

Relieve muscle tension in your forearms and hands with this fabulous massage. Improves circulation and mobility of hands and fingers not to mention being super relaxing!


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